Lego Fever

Lego Fever

Help the LEGO Brothers battle the forces of boredom

If you are a Lego fan you must enter the new world of Lego Fever game. This game will entertain you with a puzzle challenge where the main goal is to move and place bricks so Lego brothers can move over and free the gray people that need color in their life. Lego brothers move on their own. You must guide Lego brothers in this puzzles to complete each task and reach new levels. In this game you can play story mode or fever mode, to play fever mode you must complete some tasks and unlock this mode.
You will find different color of bricks, bricks of colors are able to move, black and gray bricks don't move, gray bricks can be destroyed with bombs.
During the game you will find obstacles like elevators, switches, teleporters and slide bricks. You must find some bonuses with fan bricks, jumping bricks, shields, traps, brick bombs, color bombs and time machine, each will give you different bonuses and benefits. This game allows you to play, to check help, to set options like music, volume and full screen, you can check credits and you can quit the game.
Playing is very easy, all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and press left mouse button to select the bricks and place them where you want.

Birgilio Rivera
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